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Creditors Club

February, 28 2006

Creditors Club

Real bargains between Creditors Club members is most valuable final outcome of it. In exchange for bargains concluded the Club gets dues from its members.

Founder of Creditors Club – PA “MCAEE”.

Provides the Club with necessary property, equipment, finance resources, approves its agenda and the Statement on Creditors Club.

Government of Creditors Club.
Creates strategic plans of the Club development, elects the Club chairman.

Forms the working group and coordinates its activity to implement certain plants.
Concludes bargains, implements certain projects, prepares and holds sittings, e-mails offers, creates project base etc.
Coordinates the agenda, legal initiatives, educates the Club members in field of legal, economic and organizational aspects of cooperation.

The Working group consists of:

Person responsible for legal issues:
Creates and stores all legal documents of the Club  

Person responsible for coordination with the Club members:
Receives and sends messages from and for the Club members

Person responsible for work with the Club members:
- creates advertising materials related to the Club activity
- receives application forms and the Club member questionnaires

Person responsible for PR:
Attracts new members, their registration, publications in press and Internet. Coordinates web-site of the Club.

At the moment the Government of the Club is being formed.


TERMS OF FINANCING. Placing information in this section

March, 20 2006

Different terms of financing from the Club members and Investors are placed on this page
1. Minsk City Executive Committee
2. Credit Association

In order to place your offer on this page please call to Molchan Igor +375-29 646 56 46


Credit Associations: Consumer Cooperative “Capital Club of Mutual Aid (association of private individuals),  Consumer Cooperative Mutual Lending Association of SME “Stolny” (deals with non-cash Belarusian rubles only)

We offer services – depositing of savings in Belarusian rubles with 16 % per year (cash/non-cash). The interest rate does not change with change of refinancing rate of the National Bank. Deposits – from Br. 100.000 to 7 mln. Possibility to enlarge. It is possible to add and take away per cents monthly. Terms – from 3 months to 1 year.

Giving microlending with 36% per year from Br. 100.000 to 5 mln. Up to 18 months. There are no any additional payments.
In order to obtain finance services of the credit associations it is necessary to become a shareholder of the cooperative.

For this you should:
- give your pass (statutory documents);
- make an application form;
-pay: entrance fee (for CC “Capital Club of Mutual Aid” it totals Br. 10.000.), initial shares: for CC “Capital Club of Mutual Aid” – Br. 40.000, for “Stolny” ? 300 equivalent in Br. According to the National Bank rate. On leaving the initial shares are returned.

Besides financial services the credit associations provide:
-  consulting in microcrediting;
-  assessment of market value of the main assets in alienation, delivery on the security, paying up as a contribution to the statutory fund, leasing;
-  re-assessment of the main assets by means of direct account with the purpose of accounting of real market value of the main assets;
-   consulting in development of business plans of investment projects;
-   consulting how to start individual entrepreneurship;

Location: 118, 119 83 Grushevskaya str. Minsk ph. 226-34-46, 210-26-87. www.ovk.bip.by


March, 1 2006 Wednesday 

In order to get our e-mail delivery and access to Creditors Club information base you should become our member. 

For this you should e-mail to: Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript. indicating the following requisites listed lower:

•  Last name
•  Name
•  Cell phone
•  Phone
•  E-mail
•  Post code
•  City
•  Street
•  Building
•  Office


You can get application forms here.

After that we will check your form and send you our press releases by e-mail and by post.

In order to place your project in our information base please, call to Molchan Igor (+375 29) 646-56-46 or attend a working sitting of the Club and you will have a possibility to present your information and get information about how we can assist you.