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On 10.19.2015 the press conference for the media took place, initiated by the Minsk Capital Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers. The results of the 8th survey on measuring the index business optimism of entrepreneurs of Belarus were presented. The survey was conducted at the initiative of business community in September. This index (IBO-8) amounted to -0,09 (-0.09). This is the lowest number of all the time the study has been conducted.

The index of business optimism of entrepreneurs of Belarus remains in the area corresponding to the dominance of “moderate skepticism” in the attitudes of Belarusian entrepreneurs, even in the complexity of the economic situation.

The results of theIBO measurements were presented to journalists by Vice-Chairwoman of the PA “MCUEE” LiliaKoval, Chairman of the Presidiumof the Associationof legal entities “Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship”, Chairman of the Public Association “Minsk Capital Union of Entrepreneursand Employers”Vladimir Karyagin.

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ALE “RCE”, PA “MCAEE”, PA “Belarussian Association of Employers”, Association of retail networks, Council for Entrepreneurship of Republic of Belarus proved the necessity to abolish Decree №599 to National Bank of Belarus.
The Decree recommended banks to introduce a fee for cash collection services at the rate of at least 0,1%; for acquiring –of least 0,8% of the operation amount. Besides, banks were recommended to charge at least 1% for receiving cash from sale of goods and services.
The specialists of the Ministry of Trade estimated, that on account of the Decree costs of trade entities could grow by approximately 2 times, collection costs – by 3- 4 times, cash receiving – not less than 8 times. The costs of trade organizations would make up more than 2 trillion rubles a year, which would increase prices.

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On September 23 a sitting of social consulting board under the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Belarus took place. During the event the issue of ratifying of law on collecting activity was conferred. The Head of PA “MCAEE” legal department Vadim Borodulia took part in the event on the behalf of PA “MCAEE”.

On August 29, 2014 a seminar consultation for the representatives of accounting and financial services was conducted. Theme: “Simplified taxation system”. PA “MCAEE” traditionally acted as the initiator and organizer.

On July 14, 2014 a seminar on topic “Antitrust regulation in the retail sector”, organized by the Ministry of economy of Belarus took place. During the event the topical issues of completion development in retail trade, innovations in trade legislation and antitrust regulation were discussed.
The seminar participants were representative of state bodies, business community, economic entities, regional governing bodies, representatives of antitrust bodies of Belarus, as well as representatives of Federal Antitrust Agency of Russia. On the behalf of PA “MCAEE” Chairman Vladimir Karyagin, Vice-Chairman Viktor Margelov and Head of Legal Department Vadim Borodulia took part.