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Press Conference by MCAEE and AC “Strategy”

MCAEE and Mizes Scientific and Research Centre of AC “Strategy” held a mutual press conference devoted to the results of 2006 year. The meeting took place in “Valeria” café – Minsk Volodarskogo str, 7. The press conference was highlighted by representatives of 300 Belarusian media.


Agenda, December, 21 2006.
1. Finance Support of Entrepreneurs, 2006-2007.
2. The results of the activity of MCAEE in 2006.
3. The main results of 2006 in the nominations:
    1) The Best Organ of the State Management, 2006.
    2) The Worst Organ of the State Management, 2006.   
    3) The Scandal of the Year.
    4) The Event of the Year.
    5) The Best Legislative Act of the Year.
    6) The Worst Legislative Act of the Year.
    7) The Main Beneficiary of the Year.
    8) The Victim (Sufferer) of the Year.
    9) The Tendency/Trend of the Year.
    10) The Surprise of the Year.


The participants:
1. Mr. Vladimir Karyagin, MCAEE President.
2. Mr. Leonid Zaiko, AC “Strategy” head.
3. Mr. Yaroslav Romanchuk, Mizes Scientific and Research Centre head.
4. Mr. Alexey Bogatov, representative of Microcrediting department of JSC “Piorbank”.
5. Mr. Igor Mikulchik, the Chairman of the board of Consumer Cooperative “Capital Club of Mutual Assistance”, the Chairman of the Board of Mutual Lending Association “Stol`ny”.
6. Mr. Igor Molchan, the Chairman of “Club of Creditors” by MCAEE.