Dear Participants!

Dear Conference’s participants, colleagues!
MCAEE considers that the contest “The Brand of the Year” and followed before “The Director Forum” is the most important event for business and business sphere development in Belarus. During the 20-year development of the non-governmental sector of economy in Belarus there was formed a group of skilled and effectively-working directors, founders and heads of enterprises. Experience exchange, comparison with the level of achievements, cooperative analyze of problems, and the search of the system of approaches is more effective in forms which propose forum-support business associations and clubs of the directors. Creation of the
Prepared by the heads and entrepreneurs theirselves has represented system approach and proposals for improving of business sphere and business climate in Belarus for the first time. Now it is important to cooperate all our efforts for application of our proposals. We are glad to represent them on the informational portal of MCAEE: You can also get acquainted with them in every Friday edition of “АNONS DELOVYH SOBYTIY BELARUSI” (“Business Events Announce of Belarus”). Let’s thank all the “The Brand of the Year” conference organizers, guests and participants for Belarusian business advancement.