Training seminar in Lida

Training seminar was held in Lida (Grodno region) on May 30, 2012 with 31 people, including deputy chief of Trade and services department  of Lida district executive committee Irina Jiminskaia. Among participants were: 16 women, 11 IEs. Topic of seminar: “Actual issues and prospects of entrepreneurship development in 2012 in context of NBP realization”.


Seminar was organized in Lida, as a city – winner of the first contest “The best city for doing business”. In his report Vladimir Karyagin presented NBP-2012, mechanisms and instruments of NBP realization and told, within the framework of NBP developers analytical report, about state of business climate in Belarus. He positioned offers of NBP and regional business – associations on industrial entrepreneurship development. Elena Diamchik, employee of business incubator Apsel, Co., told about local initiatives of business community and offered to found in Lida standing business club of entrepreneurs at ALE BCE. Representative of Lida district executive committee Irina Jiminskaia told about development in region dialogue between business and authority and informed participants about preparation to Lida economic forum in June 2012 and invited entrepreneurs to join exhibition “Lida – region” within the framework of forum. Among reporters were business – consultant on sales Dmitri Belkovich (IE) and director of “Turbo heads”, Co. Vladimir Iankovich, who presented draft program on accountancy for IEs. Participants asked questions about employment for IE relatives, support of industrial entrepreneurship, purchase of lease areas, and support of rural entrepreneurship.