Session of Council of Ministers with business-associations’ representatives

001032_00000543328 Session of Council of Ministers with business-associations’ representativesOn February 18, 2011 the first vice chairman of MUEE Viktor Margelov participated at session of Presidium of Council of Ministers of Belarus. Reports “Program of government for 2011 - 2015”, “Implementation of Decree #4” were made by deputy prime minister Sergei Rymas and minister of economy Nikolai Snopkov. During discussions Viktor Margelov marked that some of legal acts, that were developed for implementation of Decree #4, are not shown to experts of business community. This refers to changes in Decree # 510. Special seminar for governing bodies aiming information on optimal ways of Decree realization must be organized. Viktor Margelov underlined that mechanisms of realization for item 2.6 of Decree #4, in accordance with which renters must have a right for premium real estate purchase, must be carefully developed.